Deadline is Now?!

Hellooooo August…so there has been much production in June & July. My last post ended in a self inflicted… I mean self-imposed deadline to finish a total of 9 watercolors by today.

(Insert toothy smile here)… sooooooo I witnessed the birth of my brand new nephew last week, what an experience that I totally wasn’t ready for, but I’m happy for my sister and her family… ummmm I may have put on a few pounds (in the right places LOL) but I don’t know how…. and I visited my family up North…okaaaaay I finished 7 out of 9 paintings. To help me feel better I must tell you the last 2 are in process of being finished, and when I made the announcement in May I was still finishing up 1-4. In my serious tone of voice, I should be finished at the end of August.

Meanwhile, I am reaching out to galleries and scoping out places to exhibit the entire series, I would like it to be a traveling exhibition. Feel free to write a post below, especially if  there is a place you can recommend. If you are on Facebook look out for profiles that are watercolor painting with hashtags; #watercolorportraitproject and #artbysib.

“Who is  sib?” you ask. That’s me Sukenya I. Best!

Another announcement is the exhibition I am having at Reynolds Community College (Parham campus) has been pushed back to September. I will share the details (date and time) for the opening reception soon. The exhibition will be of my Dancing Ink printmaking series, and I would love for you to come!

Here are 3 out of the 7 completed paintings. You can look under paintings/drawings to see all 7 portraits on my website


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