Hello my name is Sukenya Best and I’m an “art hoarder.”

There I said it… and my bold god-father told me this three years ago…told me right on the spot…he held no punches back. I can remember it like it was yesterday….(cue flashback transition).

It was a Saturday and he was visiting, he spent half the day with me. We went to my art exhibition at ArtSpace,  and later I was so excited to show him where I lived, and how I was “adulting.” He saw sitting on my living room table my book “Chocolate Bella” (that I was editing for the second time,) taking out my portfolio stored away I showed him seven pastel drawings, and leaning on my dinning room wall eight framed prints from my monoporint flag series. He took my cartoon book for himself, and said with amazement look at all this work…you are an “art hoarder.”

(cue transition to come to the present)…

In order to correct a problem one has to acknowledge it, and do something about it. So last year I began sharing (blogging/facebooking on my business page) more of my work online and in person. I’m not hiding my work anymore… shedding the excuses that it’s not good enough, I was just practicing, or I need to make more in order for it to be a complete exhibition. My goodness, the lies we tell ourselves.

Recently an Art Biz Coach in perfect timing has given me an assignment to book a new live exhibition of my work (in a new space) in the next 30 days. In the fall I have an art exhibition of my dancing ink fabric pieces coming up at Reynolds Community College. But the figurative portrait pastel drawings of 7 and portrait watercolor series of 9 must be shown in a new space somewhere else.

I am open to ideas of new spaces to exhibit, so feel free to leave a comment with that information!

Today I will begin a new confession, my name is Sukenya Best and  I am no longer an “art hoarder!”


I have completed 4 out of 9 of the watercolor portraits, here is a detail of #6 still in progress. All 9 will be complete by the end of July.


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