Water + People

What are you getting into this summer?

The water, pool/beach of course, but also water with color. I am in the process of completing the watercolor series I began last year (actually around this time).

What I use to do was teach art courses all year round, because I wanted to make more money or have enough money to cover expenses.  But one of my first art professors brought to my attention the importance of taking a break. He told me he experienced the burn-out, and wanted to help younger professors not to make the same mistake.

As a practicing artist the summer break will free me to blog, create art, update professional documents, research, enter art exhibitions, and the like. Of course have fun in the sun, catch up with friends, attend festivals, and travel.

With all that I desire to do, the deadline to complete my watercolor project is July… I’ve written it so it must be true.  Four of the portraits out of the nine are almost complete, and 5 are halfway developed.

Below are different stages of two portraits (in  progress)  that I worked on this week.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Yha Yha A. Hargrove says:

    Ooo! Such Beautiful work, Sukenya. Inspiring!


    1. Sukenya Best says:

      Thank you Yha Yha! Since I’ve began this project you have been a constant encourager.


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