I keep hearing about Relationship Goals

Well, in continuing the conversation from yesterday…of Romare Bearden marrying a prolific dancer Nanette Rohan. I was just as elated to find out (maybe a few years ago) that Jacob Lawrence was married to Gwendolyn Knight. Jacob Lawrence was a modern painter, in the 40’s known for his series The Migration. This wasn’t the first time he depicted a historical event, but the main focus was to capture black people (in America) moving from the South to the North.

They met in Harlem working on a mural for the Works Progress Administration, and  Gwendolyn Knight did help him do research for The Migration painting series…but she was also a sculptor and painter in her own right. So far I found out that her family is from Barbados, that she studied sculpture seriously under the mentorship of Augusta Savage, she enjoyed painting dancers, and was into printmaking. Hmmmmmm, sound like we have some things in common!

I will research more about her because she is fascinating.

In 2000, together they created a foundation in their names to help up and coming artists…#relationshipgoals!

The pic is of Jacob Lawrence and Gwendolyn Knight back in the day…they were married for 59 years.


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