Art Film & Talk

Do you ever wonder how an artist comes up with an idea for  his or her artwork?

For one reason or another art can sometimes be challenging to understand. I had one friend tell me, “I wish I had you with me to explain to me what was going on,” after she described an exhibition that she attended. I admitted to her that I may have been just as confused if I was there.

I very much enjoy going to exhibitions that inspire me: touched by the subject, intrigued by the concept, in awe of the technique, and wondering about how long it took to create the amount of work on display. And Kehinde Wiley’s “A New Republic” does just that.

To answer those questions…

I’m pleased to announce that the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is having a Film viewing and talk about the PBS documentary  Kehinde Wiley: An Economy of Grace. This film reveals the many layers of what it takes for the artist to create a project. I am excited that I along with Dr. Andrea Douglas and Diego Sanchez will be conducting the talk after the film.

Details:Friday, August 12 | 6:30–8:30 pm Leslie Cheek Theater $8 (VMFA members $5) 804.340.1405 or




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